9th Anniversary – Cancer Free!

Leukemia Lymphoma SocietyOn Tuesday, May 12, 2015, Don Armstrong celebrated the 9th anniversary of the first day of his new, cancer free life.  His second birthday if you will.  Don is not only a survivor, he is the lead organizer of the Honored Hero Run.  An event that raises money and awareness about blood cancers and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS).  To-date, the event has raised over $118K for LLS.  Don is an advocate for LLS and speaks to groups all over the country about his experiences, inspiring everyone he meets to ‘Finish their Race’.

About the Transplant, Don says…

“When the last stem cell entered my body I had a very surreal feeling. I couldn’t put my finger on the feeling, however I knew something was going on in my body.”


“When the transplant process was done several nurses came into the room and congratulated me by singing “Happy Birthday”. For me, this was a new start at life. This was my new “first birthday.”

Read more about Don’s incredible experience…HERE


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