About Us

You are here for a reason. We all have a race to finish.  We may not know what the race is, but it’s right in front of us.  Perhaps you are trying to finish your race and need support. Maybe you are helping someone else finish his or her race. Possibly you want to be inspired to change your world. Either way, we are connected on this journey of life.

My Mission in life is to reach out  to those around me, to make a connection, to share a story, to teach, to learn, to  make a difference.  We all have a race to finish.  Join the journey and spread the revolution of Finish Your Race. Share your story with friends. Get involved, get plugged in to finishing your race.  Join Team in Training. Donate to or sponsor the cause. However you do it, finish your race.

Finish Your Race was designed to help (teach) others to win any race with courage and a positive spirit!. How are you going to finish yours?