Official Cover Complete: Finish Your Race

My friends, I am sooo excited to share the official cover for my book! As you know, the title of the book is: “Finish Your Race: Empower Your Life with Strategies from a Cancer Survivor”. This is the first book I’ve ever written and I can’t believe it’s about to become a reality.

I am currently working my way through the maze that leads to the place where I officially become a published author and let me tell you, it’s been challenging! However, when I reached out to my friends and colleagues to get input on the book’s cover, I got so much great feedback and just wanted to say, THANK YOU for that.

Working with Jerry Dorris from who took one of the awesome photos that Jon Uzzel shot of me, combined with all of your thoughts, resulted in the fabulous new cover for my book. Of course, it’s going to be even better when it’s filled with written pages.


If this cover inspires you to dig a little deeper, that’s what I’m hoping for. Ever since my AML diagnosis, I have been called to connect with people, like you, to share my story and hopefully empower you to find your own purpose; whatever your challenges may be, to finish YOUR race.

Finishing this cover has been just one of many hurdles thru this process, but I am determined. It doesn’t seem real yet, but I am sure I will shed a tear when I finally have the first copy of my book to hold in my hand.

News: Reserve Your Advanced Copy Today!


We don’t have an official release date yet. I am still in the final phase of editing the manuscript. But we’ll keep you posted. My goal is to be on Amazon, but I will of course bring copies for sale with me to ALL of my upcoming speaking engagements.

Thank you for your support! See you soon! Finish YOUR Race!



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