What is Team in Training All About?

Team In Training has had a tremendous impact on the growth in endurance sports, and in particular, the explosion of women’s participation. Overall, 73 percent of TNT participants are women, with an average age of 32.

Don Armstrong - Spokesperson for the Leukemia Lymphoma SocietyTNT is the pre-eminent charity endurance sports training program, preparing amateurs and seasoned athletes. The reasons cited most often for joining the program are: the opportunity to meet new people and have fun as part of a supportive team; and the cause, raising money to help find cures and improve the quality of life for patients and their families. Taking on a personal challenge, accomplishing a goal and getting fit are also aspects that attract people to the program. Many participants dedicate their time and energy in honor of a friend or loved one who has had blood cancer. Still others are themselves cancer survivors who want to prove that they have stamina to take on a physical challenge.

Local blood cancer patients, known as honored teammates, cheer participants along from training to event weekend. TNT participants often say their greatest inspiration and motivation come from their honored teammates, who themselves face even greater challenges in their battles against cancer.

Don Armstrong - Team in Training

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